Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Student Diversity Leadership Conference

I'm so excited! Today I will be boarding the plane to Maryland for a leadership conference. I believe this will be a great opportunity for BOS, a club that I am helping lead, and for what I would love to accomplish later in my lifetime (more on both of these in a post in the future!).

Although I can't wait to get started with my trip, I have been really stressed over the amount of schoolwork I will be missing! Last night I stayed up late enough that I became not tired, weird I know. By the end of my study session with Physics and APUS I had pages upon pages of notes, and the words started to mesh together in my journal! I know that the cramming session was definitely not the best way to study, but I writing the notes enables me to study the notes throughout the week. Even though I have tests right after the trip will be over, I do not think I will be regretting the conference.

Representing my school and going to Maryland for a leadership conference on Diversity is  true honor. This convention will be a blast and I'll make sure to write about it on my blog later this week

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