Sunday, February 23, 2014

A Little Party Never Killed Nobody

After such a stressful and painful week from oral surgery and catching up on missed school days, the weekend was SO much better! 

Saturday was Winter Formal. Taylor, Ana, my brother, and I went to Lemongrass beforehand at Short North. Traffic and parking was a headache, but I was definitely in good company!

The theme was Great Gatsby. So adorable!

I definitely did not have the patience for Blackjack, but Ana was a pro.

I was so impressed with the special aerialist performance later in the dance (she was a sophomore at my school)! I'm glad that we stuck around for it.

The trio wound down the day with a scary movie and many, many snacks! We woke up Sunday with blueberry pancakes, cinnamon rolls, a river of coffee, and fun conversation.

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