Monday, May 5, 2014

Testing Galore

What frightens a high schooler the most? The dark? Pfft of course not! Dying? Psha us teens live forever! No, it is testing. The AP, SAT, ACT, and exams are upon high schoolers throughout the nation. As one of the teens being forced to endure all three subjects, I have to say I have passed the stage of nervousness. Now only a vague sense of fear hangs over me. I will be the first to admit that I have gone without sleep and my body is officially filled with its share of black coffee. I will also admit that I may have turned to stress eating a few days out of the week. As I am going through the last few weeks of the most unpleasant year of High school, I wonder if I am going through it alone.

Many students in my school seem to have their academic life together. Sure after a graded test is passed out I hear grumbling, but that's right before they complain about their A. Whatever my score is, I now have a base score that I need to compare my test to. It only makes me feel that much worse when I know how much effort I put into studying for that test. Especially at this time of the year when I'm slammed with testing daily. Because of this situation and many like it, I feel frequent moments of absolute terror that I believe I'm in this fourth quarter battle alone.

Friday I was on a run with my friend, and president of my Class, through the park. (I would like to take this moment and say that there will be posts on the magnificence of this park!) We started talking about College which soon led to us talking about our end of the quarter schedule. We were both surprised to find out that each was just as frustrated as the other with testing. Imagine the relief that overcame me when I found out my friend, a friend who seemed to be taking the last few weeks in stride, was just as anxious as I am for the last few weeks.

I sometimes make the mistake of believing people who appear happy and who seem to handle the workload are better off than I am relating to their stress level, but I believe this year has harshly taught me that sometimes what people seem like on the outside may not showcase what their going through. When you are struggling and everyone else seems to be in good shape, maybe their not? And maybe, even you may give the impression to others that you are coping well when you really are not. Imagine my surprise when my friend exclaimed that I was the one that seemed care free and unburdened!

Are you going through testing/ due date anxiety? Comment below!

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