Tuesday, July 15, 2014

I Promise

Sunday evening I binge watched Gossip Girl episodes. Once I felt I couldn't handle anymore dramatic twists for the night, I stopped and went over to The College Prepsters blog to read her posts for the week. On Friday Carly posted videos she watched throughout the week. One particular youtuber, Anna Akana, peaked my interest. I went to Anna's channel, and was blown away by her ability to jampack insightful advice into funny short videos.  Although I value Anna Akana's makeup tutorial that Carly posted,  her youtube post on "How to Change Your Life" hit more close to home.

How To Change Your Life: http://youtu.be/NMcGF5uB00Q

I think this video specifically resonates with me because of how badly I want to keep up with this blog. Whenever I check Carly's posts I'm amazed on how she has changed over the years. Her readers see her accomplish the big milestones in her life and triumph over her smaller achievements. I have read her feelings about graduating from college, meeting a man she feels truly comfortable with, and even overcoming her fear of tall heels. I'm inspired by her documenting her past in a way that easily shows her future.

I realize that I have to ask myself why I really want this blog to work. Is it to be a famous blogger, or is the reason something else entirely? I fear forgetting the small milestones in my life. I worry that the big milestones will just be a vague accomplishment in my past. I want a permanent document somewhere that showcases and explains my worries and success. Regardless on whether there will be readers reading my blog, I want a safe haven where I can work out the thoughts in my head and be able to find my writing voice.

I write this post to promise to myself that I will write on this blog at least once a week for myself.

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