Sunday, February 23, 2014

A Little Party Never Killed Nobody

After such a stressful and painful week from oral surgery and catching up on missed school days, the weekend was SO much better! 

Saturday was Winter Formal. Taylor, Ana, my brother, and I went to Lemongrass beforehand at Short North. Traffic and parking was a headache, but I was definitely in good company!

The theme was Great Gatsby. So adorable!

I definitely did not have the patience for Blackjack, but Ana was a pro.

I was so impressed with the special aerialist performance later in the dance (she was a sophomore at my school)! I'm glad that we stuck around for it.

The trio wound down the day with a scary movie and many, many snacks! We woke up Sunday with blueberry pancakes, cinnamon rolls, a river of coffee, and fun conversation.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Galore

I had such a great Valentine's Day. Who was my Valentine you ask? My mother! I was pretty excited when I went into my bed after a long Thursday night to find the card. Pfft who even needs a man when you have a great mother by your side! The next school day was great for many reasons. It was Valentine's Day, dress down day, and it was Arts Mania. After school my mother and I had a great mother daughter night. We also picked up new prescription glasses. All in all, a pretty fulfilling day!

It was such a great experience performing taiko drumming and being able to learn more about Japanese  history!

The drummers were extremely good. Their music was not the only magnificent part of the performance, but also just they way they presented themselves!

 I had SUCH a great time with the Zumba instructor! She incorporated different body movements to the steps I was used to. I can't wait to mix her advice with what I know for Spring.

Note: Not pictured was the Tai Chi instructor. I was impressed with how calming the moves were, and his lesson on the history of Tai Chi as a defense definitely caught my attention. 

I learned a fair amount of different types and forms or Art today that I never knew, and was educated more about the subjects that I was already interested in. Overall a great experience!

Valentine's Galore

What did you do for Valentine's Day?

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Time Capsule

I have not been consistent with writing on here. I ignored That Ethiopian because, in my mind, life came up. I believe it was really because I was so stressed from everything.

Last week a boy from my Advisory did his Junior Speech. One part of his speech that really stuck with me was the little story that he told. For a few months in his Sophomore year he consciously wrote in his Journal. He thought it was really stupid until he looked back and read his notes. In that moment, he was transported a year back.

Another boy in my class said it well, "right now will be the oldest you have ever been, and the youngest you will ever be."

Last quote: "You die twice. One time when you stop breathing and a second time, a bit later on, when somebody says your name for the last time." I have many fears, but the biggest one is the concept of time. I hate to imagine the future without my friends and even imagining a change with my family is a hard thought to stomach. Thinking about my past also brings sadness. I think of time passing and how in the future I might not be what I hope to become. I want to document my life, I want to be remembered somehow.

I think the craziest part about this is that I will read this post far off in the future as an adult and so much will have changed. I wonder how I will look at this bitter-sweet post, I have so many questions for future me!